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Regional TAM Pty Limited is a joint venture comprising the 5 FTA regional commercial networks – NBN Limited, Prime Television Pty Ltd, Seven Queensland, Southern Cross Austereo, and WIN Corporation Pty Ltd.

Collected and marketed by Nielsen Television Audience Measurement, Regional TAM data is the official television audience measurement (TAM) of Free-To-Air and Subscription Television viewing in the five east coast aggregated regional markets including its 19 component sub-markets, and the Regional Western Australian market.

Regional TAM television ratings information is designed to be an independent, reliable and transparent audience measurement system that provides the currency by which television is bought, sold and evaluated. The audience data is used by a range of parties such as television networks, advertisers, media buyers and programme suppliers to aid them to understand viewer behaviour, and in assessing programme or network performance.

Since December 27th 2009, Regional TAM’s service is a live, in-home television viewing ratings service that measures all digital television platforms, including time shift viewing associated with personal video recorders. The growth in the penetration and use of PVRs was a key driver to this service enhancement as importantly, a PVR also allows for ‘shifting’ viewing using the pause and/or record functionality.

The Regional TAM panel currently comprises a total of 2135 homes (Queensland 535, Northern NSW 475, Southern NSW 380, Victoria 435, Tasmania 190 and Regional West Australia 120) representing a potential audience of 7,750,000 individuals. Regional TAM announced on the 20 July 2016 that a 50% panel expansion would be undertaken, taking the panel to 3,200 homes for a further contract term through to the end of 2020.

To ensure transparency and accountability, the Regional TAM ratings data is independently audited by The Callaghan Institute.

Regional TAM is chaired by Tony Hogarth, General Manager of Prime Media Group.

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