Ratings Sampling Variance Calculator


Regional TAM’s ratings estimates are based on a sample of households which means there can be variations in the ratings results, this is known as sampling variance. Sampling variance is the extent to which the ratings estimates vary when obtained via a sample, as opposed to those based on the entire population.

This Ratings Variance Calculator will assist users in assessing the sampling variance of rating estimates on either/or single minutes, ¼ hour and half hour averages based on a 95% level of confidence at a sub or aggregate market level.

There is a pre-determined list of demographics available for selection in the calculator at both a sub and aggregate market level.

The Ratings Variance Calculator is available to Regional TAM data subscribers only. If you require a login and password please contact us.

More information about the Ratings Variance Calculator and the concept of 'sample variablity' or 'bounce' in a ratings sample click here.

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